Southern California and Arizona Repeater Association

S.C.A.R.A. Remote bases and links-- 2 Meters -- 6 Meters -- 220 Mhz -- 440 Mhz -- 1.2 Ghz

Southern California and Arizona's Newest and Fastest Growing, Private Multi-Band, Auto Patch and Remote Base System

S.C.A.R.A. is a Privately Owned, Amateur Repeater System. Offering Members the Newest Mountain Top Repeaters, Widest Area Autopatch/Remote Base and linked coverage throughout Southern California.

N6QLB 220 Mhz Site at Colima Peak Covers All Of The South Counties

Current S.C.A.R.A. Repeater Sites:

SCARA Site Maps ----- North/South Intertie ------ East/West Intertie

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