SCARA's Link To Las Vegas

Las Vegas Repeater System

N7YOR Has a new 6 meter Site up-- 53.6259 / pl-114.8, Contact Steve N7YOR if you have any questions

N7YOR --1286.625-- Repeater is Up and on Line

NX7R -- 448.625 -- P/L 114.8 -Repeater has a new Home on Black Mountain Nv, Located 14 air miles southeast from the strip and downtown areas @ 4,000 ft,

KI7D Has moved to Angel Peak, Angel Peek is 22 air miles northwest from downtown Las Vegas. It has good valley coverage and see's up I-15 towards St. George very well. KI7D repeater freq = 449.200- P/L 114.8 - @ 9,500ft

N7YOR Has a new Site up-- 449.300 --This repeater is Located in Ash Fork AZ, this one's at 6,700ft, it will be solor powered, Contact N7YOR for Pl's

N7YOR -- 447.625 P/L 114.8 -- Linked to the SCARA System, This repeater is Located at the top of Apex mountain at 4,200 ft-Linked to SCARA

N7YOR -- 449.625 P/L 103.5 -- is the hub for the H.D.R.A. Repeater System, Located at Potsi- Linked to SCARA

N7YOR -- 446.625 P/L 114 -- Downtown Henderson- Linked to SCARA

Questions Regarding System Location Contact Terry NX7R

Questions Regarding PL's Links to Las Vegas Contact

Michael KM6NP

Terry NX7R


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Name Call E-Mail
Steve N7YOR N7YOR@aol.com
Terry NX7R nx7r-7@juno.com
Don KD6OFD dawsmog@juno.com
Dave W6HQ w6hq@pacbell.net
Michael KM6NP km6np@electronictimes.com

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